Current status and future prospects of vaccine adjuvants

PreambleVaccination is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic health achievements in human history. In just over two centuries, vaccines have enabled us to achieve extraordinary goals, such as the compl

Trends in vaccine purification technology

Vaccine Network | SourceDong Jinjie | AuthorGuidebookVaccines are becoming more and more important in disease prevention, and the demand for vaccine quality is also increasing. In recent years, the ap

Overview of vaccine adjuvants: current status of development and future perspectives

SummariesVaccination is one of the most important means of preventing infectious diseases. Over time, many different types of vaccines have been developed based on antigenic components. Adjuvants are

Single-stage chromatographic clarification of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell harvest to reduce protein production cost

This article is a summary of "Single-stage chromatographic clarification of Chinese Hamster Ovary cell harvest reduces cost of protein production" by researchers from Ambrx, Inc. and 3M. protein produ

Increasing the productivity of advanced biological production through the reuse of living cells

Over the past decade, monoclonal antibodies (mAb) have gained tremendous therapeutic application as efficient, flexible tools for treating a wide range of diseases. Despite this success, there is stil

Supportive role of plasmids in gene and cell therapy

Plasmids as Biological DrugsThe rapid growth of the gene and cell therapy industry in recent years has greatly increased the demand for plasmid DNA. Plasmids are used to deliver genetic information or



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