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Research base

Suzhou Womei Biology Co.,Ltd ( acronyms:Womei Biology )

Technical Cooperation

Technical cooperation

Suzhou Womei Biology Co.,Ltd ( acronyms:Womei Biology )

Womei Biology's R&D mode is mainly divided into independent R&D mode, as well as project introduction and absorption and digestion innovation mode. Independent research and development is mostly applied to the improvement of production process and clinical trials, for the R & D cycle is long, high investment in R & D projects are mainly taken in cooperation R & D mode, the company through financial support, cooperation projects, etc., to participate in the research stage, and through cooperation agreements to give priority to the laboratory research results, the use of the company's equipment, facilities, production conditions, core technology to complete the pilot test of the new product, jointly apply for registration certificates with our partners.
Womei Biology takes original innovation as the main line, pulls the construction of R&D platform and the construction of talent team, establishes cooperative relationship with many units, and participates in several vaccine R&D projects. In terms of project introduction and absorption-digestion innovation mode, the company has actively introduced a number of foreign vaccine production technologies according to the market demand, and realized the transformation of technologies into products. At present, it has successfully introduced a number of high-precision vaccine technologies.

Independent R&D


The company has independently developed a variety of patents applicable to the improvement of production processes and clinical trials.

Honor Certificate

Honor certificate

Suzhou Womei Biology Co.,Ltd ( acronyms:Womei Biology )


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