Womei Bio Gusu Branch Office Computer Purchase Tender Notice

August 15, 2023Project Information1.Project Name: Gusu Branch Office Computer Procurement.2.Bidding content: Subject 1: 5 laptop computers; Subject 2: 14 desktop computers;3.Delivery and installation

Announcement of Womei Bio Gusu Branch Laboratory Instrumentation Purchase Award

The results of the bidding for the procurement of laboratory instruments and equipment for Suzhou Womei Bio Gusu Branch are announced as follows:There are 7 bidding units, 4 bids were won by ZhenKunHa

Womei Bio Gusu Branch Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Procurement Bidding Notice

August 3, 2023 Project Information1.Project Name: Laboratory Instruments and Equipment of Gusu Branch.2.Bidding content: Subject 1: 1 set of ultra-clean bench; Subject 2: 4 sets of ultra-clean b

Womei Bio culture media to aid in the development of a quadrivalent influenza virus subunit vaccine (MDCK cells)

Recently, the quadrivalent influenza virus subunit vaccine (MDCK cells) researched and developed by Changchun Institute of Biological Products (Changchun Institute) has been accepted by China's Na

The Leading Group of Zhangjiagang Municipal Standing Committee Visits Womei Bio Production Base

On the morning of March 9, 2023, the 68th Standing Committee Meeting of the Twelfth Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee and the Special Research Conference on Hi-tech Zone (Tangqiao Township) and P

[Events] Official Announcement! Bioreactor innovation is upgraded again - East China University of Science and Technology & Voltis Bioreactor Process Control and Intelligent Manufacturing Joint Technology Innovation Transfer Center is established!

preamble Daring to seek change, we are brave to be a breaker; brave to seek new, we strive to be a pioneer; good at seeking quality, we should be an enabler; happy to seek progress, we are tight to



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