Company Profile

Company Profile

Suzhou Womei Biology Co., Ltd (Womei Biology), one of the leading one-stop solution service providers for biopharmaceuticals in China, with products including personalized media, bioreactors, immunoadjuvants, biochemical reagents, etc. Womei Biology is a core supplier of upstream and downstream bioprocesses, and also provides formulation production, process optimization, process validation, technical support and ancillary services for the biopharmaceutical industry, We also provide formulation production, process optimization, process validation, technical support and supporting services for the biopharmaceutical industry. We are now one of the largest high-tech integrated suppliers in the field of animal and pet vaccine manufacturing, and ranked among the top in the whole biopharmaceutical upstream field.

The founding team of Womei Biology comes from the outstanding graduates of the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor of East China University of Science and Technology (State Heavy Laboratory), and inherits more than thirty years of technology accumulation and application accumulation of the State Heavy Laboratory in the field of animal cell culture process engineering and bioreactor engineering. On the basis of the talents of this team, the company has also attracted high-level talents from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Bosch of Germany and other universities and foreign enterprises. At present, the company employs more than 200 people, R & D and production level with international standards. The annual R&D investment is tens of millions of dollars.

In 2020, in order to promote the comprehensive upgrade of process development, quality system, management system and production capacity, Womei Biology initiated the construction of new plants for culture media, bioreactors and biochemical reagents in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, China and Qidong City, Nantong, China (WorldTex Biology), with a total area of 32,000 square meters. After the completion of the construction, it is able to realize GMP standards, the construction of low-temperature needle milling powder process capacity of more than 100,000 liters in a single batch, with a total production capacity of more than 50 million liters. It has built a leading industrial bioreactor manufacturing base in China, which can realize the production requirements of 3,000-20,000 liter bioreactors.

Relying on a strong R&D team, Womei Biology has initially completed the layout of upstream and downstream process solutions for biopharmaceuticals. In the future, it strives to build Womei Biology into a leading integrated service provider offering complete solutions in the field of biopharmaceuticals in China. We will provide more high-quality technical services for our antibody, vaccine and cell therapy enterprises; and support our innovative biopharmaceutical products, such as antibody, vaccine and cell therapy, to go out of China.


Development Path

Suzhou Womei Biology Co.,Ltd ( acronyms:Womei Biology )


1.To establish Shanghai MIDI Biotechnology Co. , Ltd;

2.To develop the first serum-free culture medium for insect cells to fill the gap in China;

3.To sign a cooperation agreement with the National Center for Biochemical Engineering and technology (Shanghai) to jointly carry out technical services;


1.Suzhou Wome Biological Co. , Ltd. was established; 

2.Signed and completed technical service projects with a number of large biological products enterprises;

3.The domestic market share of insect cell culture media products increased significantly;


1.BHK serum-free medium was used in the production of foot-and-mouth disease on a large scale to replace the imported products;

2.Animal vaccines of several genetic engineering subunits were completed and many clinical cases were declared;

3.Animal vaccines of several genetic engineering subunits were completed and many clinical cases were declared;


1.The establishment of the Bioreactor Product Division;

2.The official establishment of the Shanghai Songjiang R & D Center (genetic engineering and cell engineering) ;

3.The establishment of Suzhou Sinobiology, focusing on the new veterinary drug CRO business;


1.The market share of cell culture media is leading in China;

2.Strategic cooperation agreements have been signed with leading enterprises in the industry, such as Jinyubiao, Ripp Biological, Qilu animal protection, etc. ;

3.The first phase of the construction of the Chinese school, the first phase of the central bank, the first-phase Bioreactor production line of Rip Airport;

Technical cooperation with School of Pharmacy, East China University of technology to establish the animal vaccine adjuvant products division;


1.Womeibio was established and settled in Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang, integrating the original media, reactor, adjuvant and other business;

2.Expansion of Shanghai R & D Center, it will form three core laboratories of genetic engineering and diagnosis, cell engineering and microbial purification, with a total area of 2000 square meters;

3.More than 100 utility model patents for authorized invention of genetic engineering animal vaccine, which is leading in China

The sales revenue of the enterprise exceeds 100 million yuan


1.Construction of a new production base in Zhangjiagang;

2.Merger of wome with sinobom to further consolidate its business and strengthen its vaccine CRO business;

3.Construction of a research and development centre in Shanghai;

4.Establishment of a holding company, Nantong WorldTex, facheng haoxin (zhichun technology 603690.SH) investment, focusing on high-end Bioreactor;

5.The establishment of the East China University of Science and Technology Bioreactor Process Control and intelligent manufacturing technology transfer centre;

Become a domestic cell culture medium Top3 enterprises;


1.Leaders of the standing committee of the CPC Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee visited the WOMEI biological production base;

2.The IPO of the science and Technology Innovation Board was launched and signed;

3.The agreement was signed to enter the flying bio-pharmaceutical industry park in Zhangjiagang;

To be continued


Organizational Structure

Organizational Framework

Suzhou Womei Biology Co.,Ltd ( acronyms:Womei Biology )

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Honor and qualification

Suzhou Womei Biology Co.,Ltd ( acronyms:Womei Biology )


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